Thursday, 23 February 2012


Chicken Tandoori
Nothing can really satisfy a summer evening's hunger as good as chicken tandoori! And when you are really feeling up for it, The George is "da place to be"!

The George is one of the oldest restaurants in Pune. It is not so fairly scoring on the ambience and interior's side, but on the food side, it definitely is "SUNNY SIDE UP"! They have the best chicken tandooris that I have ever tasted! 

And not just the tandoori, the chicken handi and the biryani, ah, they are to die for! And to top it all, they have the kulfi-wala just at their doorstep! And believe me, he sells huge kulfis! 

So readers, if one evening you are feeling up for a nice non-veg meal, you must definitely try The George in Camp! It is reasonable and definitely tasty and later you won't even regret it!

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