Tuesday, 16 August 2011

What Happens In "The Club"

The Unmistakable Ambiance
Yesterday, the 15th of August, was a really fateful day! For one, it was the Independence Day in India! Kudos - as India has successfully completed 64 years of Independence! And the icing on the cake was that I again went out, as in for "dining" after about one and a half week! WOW! And it wasn't to any restaurant - I went to the Le Royale Club (Residency Club) in Pune! YAY!

Well, how we ended up at the club is an altogether long story, made short by me - we wanted to go out and have a fun time! So, we went to Le Royale, and it was as inviting and pleasureful as it always is! (My family goes there more than often!)

Le Royale is reputed for having a really posh crowd and guests! When we were there, we had a few Bollywood biggies come in. Also there are these couple of restaurants there like Palladium and Grill House, which provide some really quality food. Palladium is an indoor restaurant whereas Grill House is an outdoor restaurant, and people prefer eating great food outdoors only, watching the TV Projector thing kept for entertainment. Not just this, these guys also provide live musical shows by a few Indian and foreign artists which is also wonderful!
Thai Sizzler

The architecture, especially the driveway and the parking and the entrance are really, really, really beautiful. They have these various sculptures kept at the entrance and people flock towards those to get their pictures clicked because these type of sculptures you don't normally see in the other restaurants here in Pune. And yeah, though these people could have worked a bit more on the interiors, they are almost alright!

When we were there, we ordered sizzlers namely the Thai sizzler and the Lamb sizzler. These names quite define what all the order contained. The food was really nice, served "smokin' hot"! However, the service could have taken place a bit more actively! We placed the order about 45 minutes before the food arrived! So that was quite an off-point!

The Family & Friends
But, an overall review from yours truly reads that Le Royale is a nice place to be at. With quality food, they also provide quality stay. Just make sure that you are carrying a lot of money, because just the dining here is a bit too costly. As my uncle is a manager there, we got a staff's discount and we were 10 people then and we ate a solid dinner in about a Rs. 1000. So, according to me it was reasonable! So, I'd advice that you try this place at least once!

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