Monday, 1 August 2011

The Chocolate Room

There are many advantages of opening a restaurant in the most famous street in Pune - you get publicity for free, to name one!

The Chocolate Room (an extremely catchy name) is a restaurant that serves dishes made out of the most luxurious food - chocolate (just so you don't get lost with the name, I provided this detail)! It is a good "chocolate serving" restaurant in Pune and located in a highly noticeable corner of the F C Road. The exteriors practically won't matter as the constructions on F C Road are quiet cool, but the interiors are warm and welcoming. They have a rather old-fashioned trademark of a cup filling with chocolaty coffee for their product, but don't judge the book by the cover! The goodies and the drinks and the food that you get at this restaurant is exceptionally nice! 

The smells of that place leaves a memory in your mind! It is like the of brewing coffee with roasting chocolate! Ah! I haven't still forgotten that! And then when you enter that place, you are greeted with smiling waiters and reception guys. The place is nice and homey, with a large glass window overlooking the busy F C Road. And as I am more of a car buff, I loved the fact that there was a window there overlooking one of the best streets in Pune, where some of the best cars ply to! There are nice wooden chairs, given sort of an old dining table and chair look next to modern, chic, red-coloured sofas, which makes the place radiant and gives it a pumped-up look!

When I was there, I had ordered a choco coffee and a Russian toast, and beyond my expectation, it was actually good! It was properly heated, evenly spread with cheese and the froth over the coffee was pretty good as well! And as for the coffee mug, it had "Drink Me" written in brown! That was nice, I guess! Besides these, they also have a nice long list of other awesome dishes on their menu for you to choose from!

The goodies counter
But for a good restaurant, it was really pricey! Me and my friend closed the bill for nearly Rs. 450! Also, I don't know why they priced their foods so high, the chocolate products out there are a bit too sweet! I went in expecting something which was more like "real" chocolate!

But if you wish to try some chocolate today evening and do not mind spending about 500 bucks, then I'd say you got to try The Chocolate Room! And, this is just an advice for all the boys out there, girls love chocolate! So take your girlfriends there at least once if you want to keep your relationship healthy! And this time, don't forget your wallets!

P.S:I haven't clicked these photos because when I was there I didn't get the time. So, my apologies! 

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