Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Sukanta - An "Eat to Live" Restaurant

This is a Rajasthani artpiece at the Sukanta reception
I went to the Sukanta on J M Road yesterday. And honestly, I never knew about it till today! It is an awesome dining experience, right next to the Mula river, tucked cozily beneath all the old establishments and flooding with Punekars waiting in a queue to check out the much reputed food!

A shift at that restaurant starts with  pooja wherein all the staff, right from the waiter to the owner participate, to make sure that their business keeps running by the blessings of the Lord. (And I think that even if they don't do that, their business is going to do just fine with the type of food they serve!) And when I said "shift" I meant it! The restaurant is "OPEN" from morning 9:30 a.m to afternoon 3:30 a.m and then it again opens for the guests in the evening from 7:00 p.m to 10:30 p.m. And trust me, these guys follow this schedule religiously!

This is wall piece at The Sukanta
The entire interior of the restaurant is really warm and welcoming. However old the exteriors of that entire building maybe, the inside of the restaurant takes your breath away! Then you are left with nothing to say besides a frequent "WOW"! :-) Then you have the much reputed (I know I am using the word 'reputed' more than often but it is worth it) waiters scaling every inch of the floor, every couple of minutes. These guys are really efficient, don't spill food in your plate, come up to you every time you ask for them or not, don't make you wait and they really make you feel like a 'Maharaj' or a 'Maharani'! What with the superb interiors of the restaurant! Beautiful!

Look at the size of the dishes here and the ambiance of the restaurant
The food at Sukanta is awesome! On my plate I had aloo ki sabji, bhel puri, rabdi, roti, puran poli, kadi, veg papdi, bajri ki roti with ghee and gud, mattar ki sabji, sabja, water, paneer ki sabji, dhokla, methi ka paratha and a couple of more stuff which I can't remember because I didn't know their names there! And guess what? We can eat unlimited food till we are filled with no extra charges! And trust me, while eating this, you don't want to accept any challenges wherein you got to finish all the food with 3 to 5 servings - I did that and I came home crying! Accept the fact that the potato of aloo ki sabji was not boiled correctly, everything else was amazing - I took 2 more servings of Sukanta's rabdi and it was superb! After you've finished your food, they give you pan outside, which not really good, but fine!

But when one opens a great restaurant one should take care of the fact that guests just HATE waiting! That is because if you go during the "CLOSED" hours of the restaurant, mostly when you are a first - timer, you then have to wait for quiet some time till you get to your table. That's fine when you are out for fun time and not hungry. But then what about those foodies who are hungry? When you want fine dining, you just want it! There is no turning back! Also one should make sure that the vicinity of the restaurant should be at least an okay one, if not great one. Another thing is this that one needs to be updated about the quantity of ingredients they are using for the dishes - for Sukanta it was oil. Oil ruled the main sabjis! Other than these, guys, I couldn't encounter any other drawbacks with the restaurant.

The Judging Committee - (from left) Mahima, Nikita, Vijayata and Deepti
I'd say that if you want a nice, filling meal and want to have it at a reasonable price, with amazing dining experiences, you got to visit Sukanta at J M Road! I rated it 6 / 10. Nikita and Vijayata agreed. Mahima rated it 5.5 / 10 and Deepti put it at 8 / 10. So the overall review is that Sukanta is a good restaurant with good food at the rate of Rs. 170 per dish and unlimited servings with the additional 'happy food' that is pan!

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