Wednesday, 3 August 2011

China Gate - A Chinese Delight

One thing I really love and the one thing that I just don't regret and won't ever regret is being a foodie! I love travelling for food and practically live for tasting great food!

Mercy & Mahima for the camera
The China Gate is a really good restaurant serving Chinese, Singaporean and Malayan cuisines, all in one place! I had been to China Gate a few weeks ago and believe me, they have amazing food at really low prices! I do solemnly believe in the saying "Anything of quality comes at a price" but before entering the China Gate, you have got to leave this pre-conception out into the street! I did! And it paid better at an even lower cost!
The China Gate is located on the J M Road about half a kilometer before Mc. Donald's. It is  a bit easy to miss, I must say, as the entrance looks like a Chinese gate and is totally illuminated with yellow lights. And when I said "easy to miss" I meant that the entire J M Road is like really lit up, mostly yellow lights, and hence under all that light one can get lost! So, when you are there, better ask someone nearby Mc. Donald's about China Gate as the locals know the streets properly! Or, the other option is that you can ring me up, and I, for granted, know all the streets in Pune! (Feeling proud)!

Mercy & Mahima eating Singaporean noodles
The interiors of the restaurant are completely Chinese-d up! There is always a slightly strong smell running about the restaurant which reminds you of chicken soup with soya sauce, and trust my taste buds, it feels so homey! Then there is a gong and a Chinese manager who greets you, and all you can do is smile (only if you don't speak Chinese or you can answer that guy in Chinese)! But again, "Smile is a Universal language", and hence I prefer a smile! :-) And the furniture is all blackwood there, and the entire atmosphere is very warm and Chinese!

The food is also really good, but I'd have to mention this fact that the food there isn't almost the best! I'd prefer something more Chinese, as in bland and all, but the chefs out there are more into satisfying the Indian taste buds! Hence they do some mixing of the masalas at China Gate, but that is ignorable unless you absolutely, desperately want to eat that special Chinese food and you'd even kill for it! Over all, the food is nice, luxurious and yes, it makes your evening, as the menu here is like huge, humungous, gigantic! And the menu is really diverse, and I feel sad to be saying this, but sometimes these people don't possess a few of the stuff listed on the menu! But on the brighter side (not so bright really) is that you have other really cool substitutes!
The Judging Committee-(From left) Mercy, Mahima & Nikita

In my opinion, the China Gate is a really nice restaurant, which provides quality food at a reasonable (cheap) price! When we were there, we were four people and we satisfied our large appetites in just Rs.770/- only! I mean that, that is a huge discount especially for a foodie network as big as the one we have in Pune! I put this restaurant at 4.5/10, Mercy put it at 6/10, Mahima put it at 5.5/10 and Nikita agreed with Mercy. So, I'd say that you have to go there once, give it a try! And I bet you won't regret it, folks!

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